Self Storage

Welcome to EZ Self Storage, Loveland, Colorado’s most convenient self storage location for over 30 years! We have storage units to fit your every need, so bring us your extra furniture, your filing cabinets, or even your RV, and we’ll help you get them safely and securely stored until the next time you need them.

Why Choose EZ Self Storage?

Because when we talk about convenience, we mean it! We take pride in offering the following services, to make sure that you have a great experience when you bring your belongings to our storage facilities:

    • 16 different unit sizes to chose from, we have the unit size you need.
    • 24-hour access to our facilities—they are your belongings, and we believe that you should have access to them at any time of the day.
    • One lock, one key. Only you have access to the contents of your unit.
    • Extra security with concrete masonry walls on the exterior of each unit.
    • Our units’ have non combustible metal interior walls.
    • Well-lit units, day and night help keep your belongings safe.
    • Easy drive-up right to the door of your unit.

Facility Features

  • 24 hr access.
  • Your lock-you have the only key.
  • Easy drive-up access to the door of all units.
  • Concrete masonry exterior walls for security.
  • Metal interior walls.  All construction is non-flammable.
  • Interior lighting in all units.
  • Asphalt paved driveways.
  • Secure locking with recommended disk locks.
  • Area is well illuminated for security at night.

Storage Units

Small Storage Units in Loveland

Conveniently located in downtown Loveland, you’re sure to find what you need at EZ Self Storage! We offer a large selection of secure storage units in a variety of sizes. If you’re looking for a space to keep your extra belongings and keepsakes, an inexpensive 5’ x 7’ unit will be just what you’re looking for. If you need to store larger items like furniture or machinery, a mid-sized 6’ x 10’ or 10’ x 12’ units might be just what you need. For larger items, consider one of our massive 20’ by 25’ storage units in Loveland, CO.

Not Just for Long-term Storage

You can benefit in many ways from short-term storage too, made easy by our low monthly rates. Apart from finding a place to safely store items you don’t need right at your fingertips, EZ Self Storage can also help you out during a relocation. If you’re moving but staying local, renting any of the storage units we have to offer is a great way to sidestep moving vans and all the hassle that goes with them. Simply store items in a unit until you are ready to fully move into your new house. If it turns out that not everything will fit, you already have a perfect place to keep your belongings until you need them. Check out our variety of storage unit sizes and see which one is best for you!

Unit Size Description


· Approx. 350 cubic feet of storage.· Small storage unit for storing small furniture items and a few boxes.

· 3’ 0” x 6’ 8” metal door.

· Interior lighting.



· Approx. 500 cubic feet of storage.· Accommodates items from a studio apartment or limited business office items.

· 3’ 0” x 6’ 8” metal door.

·  Interior lighting.



· Approx. 600 cubic feet of space.· Accommodates a studio or one bedroom apartment or a small office.

· 3’ 0” x 6’ 8” metal door.

· Interior lighting.



· Approx. 1000 cubic feet of storage.· Will accommodate items from a 2 bedroom apartment or 2 office spaces with furniture and boxes.

· 3’ 0” x 6’ 8” metal door.

· Interior lighting.



· Approximately 1200 cubic feet of storage.· Two bedroom apartment or 2 offices with machines  and storage boxes.

· Most units have 3’ 0” x  6’ 8” door.  Some have a large overhead door.

· Interior lighting.



· Approximately 1500 cubic feet of storage.· Room for items from a two or three bedroom apartment or 2 or 3 offices with machines  and storage boxes.

· Units all have a large overhead door.

· Interior lighting.



· Approximately 2000 cubic feet of storage.·  Space for furniture and appliances from a three or four bedroom house or 4 offices with equipment and file storage boxes.

· Units all have a large overhead door.

· Interior lighting.



· Approximately 2500 cubic feet of storage.· Will accommodate a four bedroom house with appliances or 4 or 5 offices with equipment file storage boxes.

· Units all have a large overhead door.

· Interior lighting.



· Approximately 4000 cubic feet of storage.· A very large space for commercial equipment or supplies storage.

· Unit will accommodate furniture and appliances from a large home and has a large overhead door for convenient access.

· Interior lighting.



· Approximately 5000 cubic feet of storage.· Our largest unit, typically utilized by a commercial tenant for storage of store inventory or contractor supplies.

· A large overhead door provides convenient access.

· Unit will accommodate furniture and appliances from a very large home.

· Interior lighting.


Reserving a Unit

Units are rented on a first come, first served basis.  We will accept a reservation for a unit to be rented at a future time, but will not hold that unit, unpaid, if another tenant wants to rent prior to you signing an agreement.  To be certain you have a unit you should sign the rental agreement and begin payment of rent.

Long Term Rentals

A discount of 10% will be applied to rents paid annually in advance.


All units are locked with a padlock.  You may use your own lock, or may obtain one from the Manager at our facility. We recommend a high-grade disk lock to provide the best security.  You will have the only keys for the lock on your unit.

Moving In

On move-in day, you should have all loose items securely packed in boxes, marked with the contents, to make retrieval at a later date easier.  We recommend all cardboard boxes be set on a pallet to avoid the possibility of moisture wicking into the box.  Large items of furniture or appliances can sit on the floor but the upholstery should be kept above the concrete.  A cover would be appropriate over valuable upholstered items to avoid dust.

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