Reserving a Unit

Units are rented on a first come, first served basis.  We will accept a reservation for a unit to be rented at a future time, but will not hold that unit, unpaid, if another tenant wants to rent prior to you signing an agreement.  To be certain you have a unit you should sign the rental agreement and begin payment of rent.

Long Term Rentals

A discount of 10% will be applied to rents paid annually in advance.


All units are locked with a padlock.  You may use your own lock or obtain one from the Manager at our facility. We recommend a high-grade disk lock to provide the best security.  You will have the only keys for the lock on your unit.

Moving In

On move-in day, you should have all loose items securely packed in boxes, marked with the contents, to make retrieval at a later date easier.  We recommend all cardboard boxes be set on a pallet to avoid the possibility of moisture wicking into the box.  Large items of furniture or appliances can sit on the floor but the upholstery should be kept above the concrete.  A cover would be appropriate over valuable upholstered items to avoid dust.